Crème de La Catering

Hello readers,

I am writing today to recommend to you all a small catering and retail company by the name of Crème de La Catering. They are based out of central Leeds and specialize in selling kitchenware, preserves and cupboard food. They also sell their services for private and business catering functions.

For example if you had a Wedding, Christening or any other family occasion which required outside catering, the nice folks at Crème de La Catering will be happy to help. The areas they specialise in is their ability to tailor their menus to your budget.  Specifically, if you choose to opt for the economy option, you could expect to have some of the following choices of menu.

–  Sandwiches

–  Vol au Vents

–  Crudities

–  Cheese & Biscuits

– Tea/Coffee/Mints


You obviously would have to pay a supplement for wine and champagne and any other alcoholic drinks.


If on the other hand, you wanted to spend a little more, then obviously your choices are expanded.  On this type of menu, you could choose a selection from some of the following.

– Hot or cold buffet

– Pig roast

-Jacket spud cart

– Ice cream cart


A small supplement would be added for champagne and liqueurs but you would get a couple of glasses of house red or white wine per head included in the cost of the menu.


This option is particularly suitable for those weddings where there are a large number of adults and children.  It would also appeal to those who are looking for a really flexible menu.


Now, if you have saved for a very long time or you just really want to push the boat out, then can I recommend the Premier Option.  This option really does tick all boxes.  You can basically choose from an extremely extensive menu.  Obviously you have all the options listed above but in addition you can also add your personal preferences.  You can have the option to have a hot 4 course meal with waiter/waitress service.  This comes with complimentary hot bread rolls and two extra vegetarian dishes which are served with the main course. Not only are wines and liqueurs and wines complimentary but so are the tea and coffees at the end of the meal.  You would only have to pay for the champagne.  I personally think this is a very good option.  It takes all the strain and stress out of having to organize the menu.


The wonderful thing about Crème de La Catering is their variety.  Not only do they offer fantastic catering options and ideas but they also offer a very exciting range of kitchenware out of their Leeds based store.  They have launched a new sideline of kitchenware. They have clearly done their research and have come up with a range that summarizes modern living with a twist of the familiar.  This range originates from deepest rural France and has clearly captured the market in terms of homely appearance along with functionality and hard wearing materials.


So thorough was the research that Crème de La Catering have included disability friendly items. They also have a specialist range of scissors and other utensils for those who are left handed.


The dinner sets which are made up of cups/plates/bowls/serving bowls etc. and are absolutely fabulous.  They look solid but not too heavy.  In addition throw in their hard wearing cooking pans and utensils and you have a kitchen that is ready to go!  Crème de La Catering have ensured that all the products they have sourced are oven proof, freezer proof and dishwasher proof. You cannot fault this range as quite literally everything has been thought of. Even those of us that are not in their element in the kitchen will find that all the kitchenware from Crème de La Catering will certainly change our minds.


Let us now add another string to the bow that is Crème de La Catering.  Dear reader I urge you to keep reading and enjoying…. not only do they do catering, not only do they do kitchenware…they also do a range of preserves that would not look out of place in top restaurants and hotels.


All of these preserves that they sell enhance the taste of mere supermarket products which turn them into gourmet cuisine delights. Made from wholesome organic natural products, the entire range is gluten free which makes them perfect for coeliacs


It is extremely unusual to find products that are gluten free. Whilst we have celebrities who feel the need to follow a gluten free diet, such as Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow for the fad effect, approximately 1 in every 100 in the UK is actually Coeliac.  For those of you not aware of this condition – in a nutshell, it is an intolerance of gluten which is naturally found in wheat, barley, rye etc. and is commonly added to many sauces to aid thickening. We have been reliably informed (on the quiet!) that Crème de La Catering are preparing a major expansion of their in house manufacturing processes of their gluten free ranges to include stock cubes, mustards and soy sauces.  To add to the icing on the cake, all of these preserves are also certified nut free.


Whilst on the subject of how much Crème de La Catering already has going for it. Let me add another string to the bow to tickle your culinary taste buds. I have already enlightened you to the fact that their preserves are gluten free, but what if I told you they also stock basic store-cupboard items.  This range covers pasta, spaghetti, flour, crispbreads, bread mixes, pastry mixes, seeds, pulses and rices from all over the world.  Not only again are they gluten free, but I am assured that they have been ethically and locally sourced.  You can be safe in the knowledge that you are cooking with 100% natural and healthy items.  In these days of carbon footprints and ozone depletion from having fresh strawberries from Kenya in December to fresh lemons and oranges from Australia their range is locally sourced from sustainable nurseries and local specialist vegetable providers.  The difference between Crème de La Catering and the big supermarket chains who want the perfect, in every way, shape and form fruit and vegetables, Crème de La Catering will give you equally good wholesome, fresh and no additives fruit and vegetables.


The packaging is made from recycled products and has all the appearances from being sourced from the high end of the packaging industry.  Unlike other “recyclable” packaging, due to its unique and innovative design, it is simply recycled without the need to separate into various components when you have finished using it. Furthermore we are aware of the gimmicky aspects of packing.  All of Crème de La Catering’s products are self-seal to preserve the life of its contents.  Another massive step towards reducing the food waste mountain that is such a massive problem in our current society.


Below are some stock images from the website of Crème de La Catering it includes some of their most appetizing meals and recipes such as; Chicken and herbs, Crusty pastries and bread rolls, onion bhajis and meat samosas (to indicate some of their excellently sourced ethical ingredients) and lastly some of their very nice looking fish dishes. On the website they also have a page dedicated to their ‘meal of the day’ within which they put up the recipes and ingredients so you can have a go yourself if you so wish.


Before I conclude I just wanted to add about the other fantastic services Crème de La Catering have to offer, such as packages for business meetings, outdoor birthday parties, all types of functions (included waitering service) they also have vehicles which can deliver to local businesses and offices around West Yorkshire.


To conclude today’s blogpost I would like to make recommendations to the following, get yourselves down to Crème de La Catering, the address is Unit 5B, Low Lane, Leeds, LS1 2BC or you can also phone them on 011345678910 for enquiries and deliveries. However the best way to get in touch is via their email address; you can also check out their offers and menus as well as all manner of catering tips at Bring your wallet and prepare to be blown away at the low, low prices, vast stock, ethically sourced foods and good old fashioned knowledgeable customer service. My own personal opinion is that the chicken dish has a very rich and tender taste to it and the service of the company is top notch, it is a very well established service and I would recommend it to anyone who asked me about local catering services.






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